Family Friendly Mediation

Divorce doesn't harm children;

Conflict Does.

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Co-Parenting Strategy Session



Many clients do not want to discuss emotionally difficult issues in mediation while their partner is present. After all, the same issues that led to the end of the marriage are likely still present in the mediation room, making it a charged and complicated place!

And when making major life changes, most people benefit from a little coaching. Divorce is no exception.

Although many lawyers or mediators do not consider the non-legal aspects of the relationship-ending experience to be their purview, I thrive in these areas.

My legal background lets me listen with a different set of ears, and my experience as a mediator helps me be neutral, non-judgmental, and practical. 


Keep your children at the center and out of the middle of your family conflict.


There are so many aspects of separation and divorce to consider when you have children. These decisions will impact you and your family in the present and for a long time into the future. 

Here are just a few of the choices that parents need to make decisions about for their children:
How much screen time is appropriate.
What is the correct age for cell phone and social media usage.
When to leave your child be alone or to allow your child to travel independently.
Whether to vaccinate your child.


In addition to co-parenting plans, I can help you understand the complex process of divorce including:

Preparing to work with your lawyer most efficiently

Pre-divorce family law strategy

Relationship-ending guidance

Divorce or child custody consultation


Helping Families 
Find Solutions


Let me help you in make the best plan for your family.

As an expert in child and parenting decisions and a “super-expert” in the navigation of family court and other court systems, I support my clients with a combination of consultation and coaching.

I will optimize your preparedness for mediation or legal action wherever you live, and help you through the relationship-ending as a consultant and teammate.

And if you live in New York State, I can also represent you as your lawyer or mediator.


I hope you received valuable information on Susan's podcast. As a special offer for Divorce and Beyond listeners, I am offering my 60 - minute paid consultation, at a discounted rate of $300 for our first session.

During this 1-hour Co-Parenting Strategy Session, we will examine your current situation to identify the most important areas you need to focus now, and determine what options you have for the future.

Some decisions that I help people through include:

Structuring parenting plans to grow with your children.

Helping parents make the shift from being spouses to being co-parents.

Understanding the process of separation and divorce in order to make smarter decisions moving forward.

Working with lawyers and mediators effectively.

Bring your questions to our call so we can make the most out of our time together.


Client Testimonials


A Client

Carolyn was my divorce coach during a long and painful divorce.  She was informative, supportive, empathetic, and realistic.  She never told me what she thought I wanted to hear, but was the voice of what I needed to hear.


She is extremely knowledgeable in this area, and also very personable. 


I would highly recommend her whether you need legal assistance or if you simply need some support and guidance through the process. 

Professional Reviews


Michele Kofman, Phd, MPH
Clinical Psychologist

I’ve been lucky to know and work with Carolyn for close to 20 years.  As a Clinical Psychologist she is my go-to for all things related to Child Welfare, Family Law, and Juvenile Justice. 

Her empathy, understanding of family dynamics and systems, and communication skills are unparalleled.  Children and families who have worked with her, value her calm and level headedness in the midst of often complicated and highly charged circumstances. 

I am forever grateful to have her as a resource to my practice.  Her clients are lucky to have such a skilled and compassionate advocate in their corner. 

when going through a separation or divorce.


Carolyn Kalos, Esq.

I spent over 20 years as an attorney and advocate in the New York City Family Court System. I know the ins and outs of the system especially all it's limiations. I strongly believe that mediation and co-parenting coordination create better outcomes for children and families. 


I am an empathetic, straightforward, and level-headed attorney-mediator, deeply invested in helping families. I am calm in a crisis, approachable, and non-judgmental. I am an expert in all areas of family law, and undeterred by the intensity of the family conflict.



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